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I saw the link to 7 cups of tea here and thought, since I was still recovering and not doing much, that I’d sign up and do a late night shift. it started out really well and I was enjoying it. I’d debated whether or not to put my real face next to a slightly disguised name, and thought that if I were feeling low, I’d like to see who I was talking with, took the chance, and posted a picture.

within two weeks an old stalker of mine had found me and was contacting me via the site email. this is my fault since I took the risk of posting my face but it’s scary, because he’s been at this since I was 26. i’m going to be 44 in a week and a few days, and that kind of persistence frightens me. anyhow.

if you’ve ever had anyone bother you online, don’t post a picture of yourself, or use anything even close to your real name. it’s not worth it.

as for 7 cups, I’ll be back after an absence, with a photo of some pretty flowers and nothing remotely resembling my name. it’s a great service, and I enjoyed what I did there. I’m just kicking myself for using a picture of my face.

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Caspar David Friedrich, Seashore with Shipwreck by Moonlight, 1825-30

another place where my heart lives

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so anyhow, i was looking at photo manips once and i found this about eighty trillion years ago but no one got it so i had to spell it out for them but seriously what the fuck is this and also why and also help

too much.

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Vigilius Eriksen,The Queen Dowager Juliane Marie (detail) 1776.


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photos by john spies of the the sơn doòng cave in vietnam. at 200 metres high, 150 metres wide and five kilometres long, it is the biggest cave in the world — so large, it has its own river, jungle and even climate. it also contains the world’s tallest stalagmite, which stands over 80 metres tall (third photo). (stalagmites are formed one drop of water at a time, with minerals in the water building up over time) 

despite its immense underground size, the cave is practically invisible from the outside, seen only from the mist wafting from surface cracks. with a huge temperature difference between the cooler air inside the cave and warmer outside air, son doong is home to moving clouds of mist which, when illuminated by natural light as far as four kilometres away, create the surreal atmosphere seen in the photos.

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Movie Stars Revisit Their Famous Role

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Charlotte Rampling, 1960’s

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Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

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