Vigilius Eriksen,The Queen Dowager Juliane Marie (detail) 1776.


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photos by john spies of the the sơn doòng cave in vietnam. at 200 metres high, 150 metres wide and five kilometres long, it is the biggest cave in the world — so large, it has its own river, jungle and even climate. it also contains the world’s tallest stalagmite, which stands over 80 metres tall (third photo). (stalagmites are formed one drop of water at a time, with minerals in the water building up over time) 

despite its immense underground size, the cave is practically invisible from the outside, seen only from the mist wafting from surface cracks. with a huge temperature difference between the cooler air inside the cave and warmer outside air, son doong is home to moving clouds of mist which, when illuminated by natural light as far as four kilometres away, create the surreal atmosphere seen in the photos.

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Movie Stars Revisit Their Famous Role

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Charlotte Rampling, 1960’s

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Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

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Thanks to tumblr user im2pac for putting this in the sixpenceee tag and bringing it to my attention. 

There is now a particle that enables humans to live without breathing.

As said by Huffington Post

The report states the “microparticles” are made of a single layer of fatty molecules, or lipids, that surround pockets of oxygen gas and are injected into the bloodstream via a liquid solution.

This was inspired by a case of a redhead girl who had severe pneumonia. Her lung tissues became severely damaged and she went into cardiac arrest. 

Dr. John Kheir of Boston’s Children Hospital says that this particle helped an animal which had damaged airways and kept it alive for 15 minutes without breathing.

The implications of this particle is profound and can help in many cases such as drowning. 

It works like this in case you didn’t get it: if someone couldn’t breathe at all (lungs damaged, bad airways) then putting an oxygen mask over their face would be ultimately useless. Oxygen gas is inserted into the bloodstream of the person itself this way, enabling them to live on.


This is so amazing

I know right, I wish something like this got more attention than Kim Kardashian’s outfit of the day, but sadly that’s not how the world works. 

Oh God. That last comment. Exactly. We care about all of the wrong things.

People of tumblr, let’s not be like the rest of the world. Let’s get this the attention it deserves. 

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