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10/10 would ride it into battle.

is this an american alsatian? what a gorgeous dog.

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Cheese Graveyard

this is freaking adorable.

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My apologies - I have since learned this was just a publicity photo, and that the studios in this period created photos like these just for magazines and newspapers for publicity. I have amended the description.

no no!  i really didnt mean to come off as a bitch—i love footlight paraade so much (and claire dodd too) that i thought maybe i was looking at some long-lost number that never made it to the screen!  thanks for finding this super photo and posting it here.  


an extremely wee photo, but one which i adore.  i just want to sit on his lap and have him tell me neat stories in that awesome voice.

i so want to own this picture as an 8x10.  i’ve never seen it anywhere but on imdb.  in this ridiculous size.

look at that face.  i want to hug him to pieces.

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Actress Claire Dodd in a scene from the film “Footlight Parade” - April 11, 1933


Photo: Warner Bros.

not trying to be a bitch (srsly) or anything, but where is this in footlight parade? it might be a publicity still, but there isn’t even a number like this in the film.

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One of the most beautiful libraries in the country was the Public Library of Cincinnati. It opened in 1874 and was demolished in 1955.

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so anyhow i’m one of those people

who read the first half of a game of thrones and was like ‘this is derivative and also, sadly boring writing’. i also don’t care about the show.

don’t throw shit, please.

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Tony Ward Haute Couture Spring 2014

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i love that they love each other.

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Fiat 500 Jolly Ghia

are those wicker seats?

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Bryan Cranston: ‘I scare people’

The Breaking Bad star on how playing Walter White changed his life, portraying Lyndon B Johnson on stage – and on the kiss that got him into acting. Read the interview

Photograph: Mike McGregor for the Guardian

nah boo, not possible

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